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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

David Vitter: The Republican Senate Leader on the Environment

The article just proves that a narcissistic womanizer who lies to his constituents, cheats on his wife and puts multinational corporations over his patriotic duty to his country can thrive in the Senate as long as he has the chemical industry’s money and the Fox News spin machine behind him!!! Paul http://www.dcbureau.org/201306108685/natural-resources-news-service/david-vitter-the-republican-senate-leader-on-the-environment.html#more-8685 David Vitter: The Republican Senate Leader on the Environment By Rose Ellen O'Connor, on June 10th, 2013 Natural Resources News Service Eight leather chairs on the podium in the ornate Senate hearing room sat empty as Democrats took their seats on the dais. It was May 9 and the Environment and Public Works Committee had been scheduled for days to consider the nomination of Gina McCarthy to head the Environmental Protection Agency. ....For years, if you asked environmentalists to name the worst senator for their causes, most would have said, “James Inhofe” (R-OK). He had Vitter’s job on the committee for years and left in November 2012 for a similar position on the Committee on Armed Services. Inhofe was much more outspoken than Vitter on his views regarding the environment and climate science. He believes climate change is a hoax. But both come from states whose largest employers and contributors are also their largest polluters. So once again the leading Republican in the Senate on environmental issues is the champion of the petroleum and chemical industries. And in the Senate, that means little will be done to increase enforcement of environmental regulations or the power of the EPA.