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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FEMA trailers only housing option for many Native Americans

See this important story: http://newamericamedia.org/2011/05/as-housing-crisis-escalates-native-american-tribes-use-fema-mobile-homes.php, As Housing Shortage Worsens, Tribes Forced to Use FEMA Trailers

America's Wire, News Report, Kenneth J. Cooper, Posted: May 02, 2011

"Lack of adequate housing on Native American tribal lands has become so critical that tribes have been acquiring mobile homes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The shelters, meant to be utilized during disasters, are being converted into living quarters for Native American families."

Delvin Cree, Dunseith, North Dakota, who has worked in Native American country to get people to understand the hazards of living in the toxic FEMA trailers, says in response: "It's amazing to say that we are forced to stay in FEMA trailer homes. I hope tribes who are accepting these trailers educate our tribal members as to what their getting. Wow! it's amazing also with all the health issues we face in Indian Country, tribes are going to accept more of these trailers. We have treaty obligations folks! We need to keep fighting!"

This important story tells WHY there is a housing shortage on reservations---people usually can’t get mortgages on tribal lands because the govt. “owns” the land!! What a terrible tragedy to have these toxic trailers as the only housing option because the government has failed in its responsibility to do a timely lease for the lands to the people who really own the land so they can get mortgages for a home. Think how many other Americans wouldn’t be able to own homes if they were unable to obtain mortgages!

Remember that the government evacuated Katrina and Rita survivors from the FEMA trailers because of high formaldehyde levels. But they are the "solution" to the U.S. government contrived housing shortages on tribal lands?