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ToxicTrailers.com was launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when the government spent more than $2 billion on FEMA trailers with high levels of formaldehyde that sickened thousands of people. The FEMA trailer tragedy exposed what is a widespread problem in RVs, mobile homes, modular buildings and even conventional buildings that use pressed wood products. Unfortunately, as we approach the tenth anniversary of Katrina, formaldehyde regulations are not being enforced in the U.S., and people's health is at risk. If you are having burning eyes, congestion, sore throat, coughing, breathing difficulties, frequent sinus infections or rashes, and difficulties concentrating, you may have a formaldehyde problem. For questions or to share your story, write 4becky@cox.net.

Monday, May 17, 2010

FEMA trailer sellers lying about formaldehyde

An article in the Courier Journal in Kentucky (http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20100514/NEWS01/5140402/Former+FEMA+trailers+not+health+concern++auction+s+organizers+say) this weekend quoted sellers of FEMA travel trailers and mobile homes as stating the trailers have NO FORMALDEHYDE AT ALL! So much for the government requiring warnings on the travel trailers that they should not be used as permanent housing. Once being assured by the seller there are no problems with formaldehyde, people will have a false sense of security. In fact, both government and private testing shows that formaldehyde levels continue to be high in these former FEMA trailers.
This recent email that is typical of ones being received by this website:
“My parents are currently living in a FEMA trailer. They have resided in it since December. Since moving into the trailer, they have had persistent illnesses. I couldn't figure out why because it is unlike them to stay sick so often for long periods of time. My brother told me that there have been reported cases of people becoming sick supposedly from these trailers or other kinds. What steps do I take to find out if this is the cause?
And here is a response from Harriett McFeely (profiled in the YouTube video linked above right re the impact of high formaldehyde levels on pets as well as people):
“Everytime I read these reports I get so damn mad all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 5 dogs are dead, our health is majorally affected, our eyes STILL BURN and are affected............our food tastes like tin foil, we still have muscle aches and weakness, we have a hard time "figuring thing out (putting a new bag in the vacuum cleaner), memory is shot. We have spent over $25,000 trying to get rid of the formaldehyde and that wiped out our savings. A good friend is dead after moving into a brand new modular, and nobody in their right mind would buy our house!!!!!!!!!!!!