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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keystone still not taking responsibility

It looks as though Keystone still is not taking responsibility for their trailers nor are their dealerships who sell their units. In december 2008 I purchased a 2008 Keystone Cougar. I had recently sold my Newmar Kountry Aire and downsized since we were going to be staying in Texas for a while. My son had been injured in Iraq and we decided to stay near him while he recuperated and had his surgery. He had his last surgery last month.

We went to a local dealership in Georgetown, Texas (Crestview). I grant you they were very helpful in helping us purchase our trailer.

Recently since the weather warmed up, a bad, bad, gagging odor developed in my trailer. I had the carpets cleaned and furniture cleaned to eliminate any odors that may be coming from that, which there were none. I was awakened at 1 am and had to litterally crawl out of my bed down the steps outside the trailer to try to breath. For several weeks I had a raspy voice, severe coughing episodes, my eyes looked like hamburger meat. I have sores on my legs that have appeared within the past 2 weeks.

I took the unit back to the dealership and they searched for mold, but that was not the odor. They then told me it must be gasses from the glue. They said when it warmed up it happens. These toxins were so bad that airing out the trailer did not work, in fact I opened the trailer up and ran fans every day. They said they would get a machine that should suck the odors out of the walls and it would be fine. When I asked them if my trailer would be safe they would not guarantee it would not come back.

When I asked what they would do if it came back their response was "I would never buy back your trailer!"

One thing that really ticks me off. Crestview knew Keystone had problems with the levels of high formaldehyde issues, but never disclosed it to us. So they were kind and loving while we wanted a trailer and now can care less that the product they sold us is a toxic death sentence to us.