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ToxicTrailers.com was launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when the government spent more than $2 billion on FEMA trailers with high levels of formaldehyde that sickened thousands of people. The FEMA trailer tragedy exposed what is a widespread problem in RVs, mobile homes, modular buildings and even conventional buildings that use pressed wood products. Unfortunately, as we approach the tenth anniversary of Katrina, formaldehyde regulations are not being enforced in the U.S., and people's health is at risk. If you are having burning eyes, congestion, sore throat, coughing, breathing difficulties, frequent sinus infections or rashes, and difficulties concentrating, you may have a formaldehyde problem. For questions or to share your story, write 4becky@cox.net.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

formaldehyde poisoning from desk and bed set

My sister bought a desk and bed set which over a period of 4 years made her so sick she has long term damage to her respiratory system. Once we finally figured out what was making her sick, it was too late and she will most likely suffer long-term damages. There are no doctors that really specialize in any treatment from formaldehyde irritation that I could locate. Would you have a Doctor(s) that you know from your experience that may help? Margaret

Margaret: It can be hard to find doctors who have a clue how to treat this. You might want to find a doctor occupational and environmental medicine. There is an online doctor finder at this website for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (www.acoem.org/).
Also, I can’t endorse this because I haven’t heard from people who have used it, but there is one herbal company that sells a formula they claim can help people exposed to formaldehyde. See http://www.modernherbalist.com/products.html
for info on their formula called Formaldehyde Relief, effective detoxification for formaldehyde exposure. Becky