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ToxicTrailers.com was launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when the government spent more than $2 billion on FEMA trailers with high levels of formaldehyde that sickened thousands of people. The FEMA trailer tragedy exposed what is a widespread problem in RVs, mobile homes, modular buildings and even conventional buildings that use pressed wood products. Unfortunately, as we approach the tenth anniversary of Katrina, formaldehyde regulations are not being enforced in the U.S., and people's health is at risk. If you are having burning eyes, congestion, sore throat, coughing, breathing difficulties, frequent sinus infections or rashes, and difficulties concentrating, you may have a formaldehyde problem. For questions or to share your story, write 4becky@cox.net.

Monday, March 24, 2008

thousands exposed to formaldehyde may become chemically sensitive

The Chemical Sensitivity Foundation is concerned that many residents of the Gulf States may have developed the condition known as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) because of their exposure to toxic substances during Katrina or Rita or from exposure to formaldehyde in FEMA trailers. People who develop MCS can no longer tolerate exposure to many everyday chemicals such as perfume, paint, gasoline, cigarette smoke, air fresheners, pesticides, cleaning products, or traffic fumes. Those who develop MCS also react to chemicals called mycotoxins that are given off by mold, which was of course a huge problem after Katrina and Rita.

For more information about multiple chemical sensitivity, please visit www.chemicalsensitivityfoundation.org. My personal website, www.alisonjohnsonmcs.com contains information about my books and DVDs on MCS, including my films Gulf War Syndrome: Aftermath of a Toxic Battlefield and The Toxic Clouds of 9/11: A Looming Health Disaster. The latter two films document the development of multiple chemical sensitivity among the Gulf War veterans and those exposed to the fumes from the WTC collapse and fires. It is only a matter of time until it will become apparent that MCS is now a problem for thousands who were caught in Katrina or Rita.

Alison Johnson