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ToxicTrailers.com was launched after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 when the government spent more than $2 billion on FEMA trailers with high levels of formaldehyde that sickened thousands of people. The FEMA trailer tragedy exposed what is a widespread problem in RVs, mobile homes, modular buildings and even conventional buildings that use pressed wood products. Unfortunately, as we approach the tenth anniversary of Katrina, formaldehyde regulations are not being enforced in the U.S., and people's health is at risk. If you are having burning eyes, congestion, sore throat, coughing, breathing difficulties, frequent sinus infections or rashes, and difficulties concentrating, you may have a formaldehyde problem. For questions or to share your story, write 4becky@cox.net.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

FEMA trailers amount to "gas chambers"

Check out this letter to the editor!

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Gaseous FEMA trailers

Just when you thought that the FEMA epidemic could not have gotten any worse, we have new evidence that this organized criminal activity has been and continues to house the Katrina victims in gas chambers of slow death. The trailers provided by FEMA are saturated with formaldehyde. The effects of this chemical warfare against these citizens by FEMA have been well documented and the FEMA inspectors have been warned not to talk about it or there will be consequences.
As with the war in Iraq, this Republican administration will not recognize the reality of how bad things are. They will only point to the 90,000 trailers (gas chambers) that have been provided. It is believed that if President Bush and Laura were allowed the privilege of vacationing in one of those trailers at the taxpayers' expense, things just possibly might change.

Roy Humphreys
Rowland Heights